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Our Mission – To Help You Save

Our goal is to make your home as energy efficient as possible using the very best products & state of the art technology. Our products & services are guaranteed to provide superior performance.  We promise to treat your home and checkbook as if it was our own. If we wouldn’t do it or install it in our house we won’t do it in yours. We guarantee our work, we are fully licensed and insured in the state of Massachusetts.

Be Comfortable.

No more cold rooms and hot rooms. Enjoy controlled temperature and comfort throughout your home by sealing and insulating it properly.

Save Money.

Energy Allstars can help you can save 20% or more on your monthly home energy costs by making it more energy efficient.

Go Green.

Energy efficient homes have a smaller carbon footprint. You save money on your monthly heating and cooling costs and everybody wins!

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Home Energy Efficiency Services

Air sealing
Blower Door Test
Thermal Imaging

Air Sealing

Did you know that the cracks and unintentional leaks around your home could be costing you 30% more in energy costs?

Stop energy from trying to escape your home. Energy Allstars will do a complete inspection of your home to make sure that any energy or air enters or leaves your home does so the correct way, through proper ventilation.  Energy Allstars will make sure that any gaps or leaks found around your home are properly sealed including, Floors, wall, ceilings, ducts, plumbing entries, electrical outlets, fireplaces, doors, windows, fans & vents.

Schedule your home air sealing inspection now!

Blower Door Test

Do you know where energy is escaping from your home? Probably not!

If you don’t know how inefficient your home is when it comes to loosing energy in your home how can you correct the problem? You can’t but we can! Some of our competitors want to save you money by selling you new windows, doors and solar panels and those can help to reduce your energy costs but if your home is not properly tested you might just be spending money that you don’t have to.

A blower door test forces air through your home and reveals the areas in your home where air and energy escape and determines your home´s ability to keep the energy that your home produces in your home not outside of it.  

Schedule a blower door test now!

Thermal Imaging

On cold days does your home feel drafty? Do you have trouble controlling the temperature in your home? Are you paying more on your monthly utility bills than you are use too? If you answered yes, your home may not be properly insulated. A thermal imaging test can help you determine your homes energy efficiency. This test can help us determine where your home is energy deficient and help us determine the best course of action.

Schedule your homes thermal imaging test now!


Is your home too hot in the summer and too cold in the winter?  If so your home may not be properly insulated. We can help you determine the correct amount and type of insulation for your home’s efficiency needs and budget.

Get your home insulation assessment now!

Efficient Lighting

Did you know that new lighting technologies can reduce lighting energy use in homes by up to 70%! Energy Allstars can assist you with your Mass Save energy assessment. This will help determine the best lighting to use in your home and have the greatest impact on helping you lower your energy bills and energy consumption.


“The folks at Energy Allstars were just great!”

- Samantha Belle

“Our home is so comfortable now, and our energy bills are much lower. Thank you Energy Allstars!”

- John & Kelly Johnson

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